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Industrial Activity and Environmental Pollution: A Panel Data Analysis (Published)

Can good environmental policy and planning reduce the negative external consequence that industrial activity can cause, to the environment? To what extent is the current level of industrial activity causing environmental degradation and affecting regional ecological environment across? Industrialization in many developing and developed countries is often associated with negative environmental consequences such as noise pollution, air pollution, water bed pollution and land degradation. Industrial waste and waste attributable to consumables from industrial final products also accounts for more than 65 Percent of all known waste worldwide IEA Report 2013. This study investigates the effect of regional Industrial Activity on environmental pollution using data from six regions worldwide. It was found that industrial activity were a principal causative agent of environment pollution and it is suggested that strategic planning and good policies to mitigate environmental pollution should be strengthened.

Keywords: Energy, Entrepreneurial Innovation, Environmental Pollution, Industrial Activity, Panel Data and Quantitative Economics