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Laparoscopic Cystogastrostomy for Pancreatic Pseudocyst (Case Report) (Published)

Case of upper abdominal pain diagnose as a case of psydopancreatic cyst by abdominal CT- scan ,operation was done by laparoscope as gastrocytostomy (draining the cyst then open the posteriar stomach wall and anastomosis with the pancreatic cyst by use stiplar purple in color .the benefit of do this type of operation by laparoscope are noninvasive access like open laparotomy and short duration stay in hospital as early healing state and no scar of laparotomy laparotomy and also very low risk of wound infection and incisional hernia  so my patient was discharge early in comparism with open laparotomy

Keywords: Stomach, laparoscopic surgery, pancrease, psydopancreatic cyst