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Improving Durability of Rural Buildings in Riverine Niger Delta Region: A Case Study on Need to Utilize Appropriate Technology (Published)

Most rural communities in riverine Niger Delta do not have buildings that are conducive for habitation because the materials used for their construction are of organic origin such as thatch, mud, timber etc. This made them biodegradable and decay quickly. More frequent replacement of such materials is required because of their low durability. Further, factors such as non-availability of conventional building materials, cost of transportation, incomes levels of the people, absence of available skilled labour and lack of appropriate technology in the manufacture of building materials affect the provision of durable and affordable buildings in the riverine rural Niger delta communities. Therefore, there is need to device other means of providing durable rural buildings in terms of materials for roofing, walls, foundation as well as construction methods. The utilization of appropriate technology for building materials and construction methods is recommended as remedy.

Keywords: Appropriate Technology, Building, Construction, Palm Kernel Shells, Periwinkle, Thatch