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Assessment of Strategies for Rural Women Participation in Commercial Palm Kernel Oil Production for Wealth Creation in Taraba State, Nigeria (Published)

This study was an assessment of strategies for rural women participation in commercial palm kernel oil production for wealth creation in Taraba State, Nigeria. Four specific objectives and research questions guided the study. The study adopted the survey research design. The instrument for data collection was a 42-item structured questionnaire which was used to generate data from a sample size of 275 respondents comprising of 265 rural women who are involved in small-scale traditional method of palm kernel oil extraction from Takum, Ussa, Bali and Kurmi Local Government Areas of Taraba State and 10 Agricultural Extension Agents who are serving in the aforementioned Local Government Areas. The instrument was administered on the respondents in their localities by the researchers and eight (8) research assistants. 210 copies of the instrument were successfully filled and returned. Findings of the study revealed that provision of processing facilities and adequate storage facilities are some of the strategies for enhanced commercial processing of palm kernel oil. On the basis of the above findings, it was recommended that extension agents should expose rural women to the strategies that could enhance commercial processing of palm kernel oil.

Keywords: Rural Women, Wealth Creation, palm kernel oil, processing strategies