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The Palestinian Short Story between 1944 and 1967- Themes and Motifs (Published)

The Palestinian short story was typified with its inclination to be a historical manuscript, ruled by a sense of unease, muddle and dread of the future. The continuous depiction of painful confrontations with the authorities, including their various mechanisms, generated a large collection of motifs and themes colored with intense suffering and extreme pain and shaded with a permanent endeavor to detect a better and bright future. As a result, the stories functioned like real photographs of what was actually happening on the ground. Of these themes and motifs, one can read about the Nakba (calamity) and family reunion, land confiscation and Judaization, military rule, military courts, the role of Arab states, the role of the Israeli Communist Party and finding work, poverty, imposed marriages and other social topics.

Keywords: Finding Work, Imposed Marriages., Judaization, Land Confiscation, Military Courts, Military Rule, Nakba Family Reunion, Palestinian Short Story, Poverty, Role of Arab States, Role of the Communist Party