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Influence of Packaging on Consumers’ Buying Behaviour of Soft Drinks in Accra, Ghana (Published)

The study assesses the influence of packaging on consumers’ buying behaviour of soft drinks in Accra, Ghana. The objective of the study was to examine the forms of packaging used by the soft drink industry in Accra, Ghana; to find out the relationship between packaging and consumer buying behaviour in the soft drink industry in Accra, Ghana and to determine the elements of packaging influencing consumer buying behaviour in the soft drink industry in Accra, Ghana. The study adopted the survey design. Data were gathered from a convenient selected sample of 220 soft drink consumers in Accra, Ghana using a structured interview guide and data analyses carried out using SPSS version 20. The findings of the study revealed plastic bottles packaging ranked first, aluminium cans packaging ranked second, paper packaging ranked third and glass bottle packaging ranked fourth as forms of packaging used by the soft drink industry in Accra, Ghana.  At another level, the study shows a significant relationship between packaging and consumer buying behaviour. Based on the findings, the study recommends the soft drink industry in Accra, Ghana to concentrate on the use of plastic, aluminium can and paper as forms of packaging to influence consumers’ buying behaviour whilst reducing the use of glass bottle packaging. Also, It is recommended that packaging should be given utmost priority by soft drink producers in Accra since it has a significant relationship with consumer buying behaviour; can act as a ‘silent salesperson’, helping consumers by bringing a particular brand to their attention

Keywords: Packaging, consumer buying behaviour, soft drinks

Effectiveness of Product Packaging on Customer Patronage of Bournvita in Ekiti State (Published)

The study examined the effectiveness of product packaging on customer patronage. Survey method was adopted. Data were collected using structured questionnaire and purposive sampling was used to determine respondents. Sample size of 322 was used. Collected data were analysed using descriptive statistics and hierarchical multiple regression. Constructs tested as explanatory variables were product size, colour, quality of packaging material, quality of product content and shape. The results showed that all the tested variables have significant positive effects on customer patronage of Bournvita. In order of significant, the R2 change, in order of hierarch, for the variables was: product size =.215, quality of packaging material =.058, colour = .049, shape =.044, and quality of product content = .028. It was concluded that customer decision to patronise could be influenced by taken into consideration size, colour, package material, product content and shape of a product. Based on these findings, it is recommended, among others, that producing different sizes of the product should be a continuous practice that firm should undertake. As well, producers should consciously adopt colours suitable and capable of appealing to customer interest and consequently influence their choice of a product by mere sighting of the package colour.

Keywords: Colour, Customer patronage, Packaging, Size, packaging material, quality of product content and shape

Strategies for Environmental Protection against Food Packaging Wastes in Enugu State (Published)

Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the natural environment on individual, organizational or governmental levels, for the benefit of both the natural environment and humans. Food packaging is an essential medium for preserving the food quality and minimising food wastage. When packaging waste is not properly handled or disposed, they have adverse or harmful effect on human health and also constitute environment, social and economic hazard. The study focused on the strategies for environmental protection against food packaging waste in Enugu state. Specifically, the study was designed to find out how recycling, reusing of food packaging wastes. A survey design was used for the study and questionnaire was used for data collection. The population of the study was 300 workers of Enugu State Waste Management Authority (ESWAMA). The data collected were analysed using mean and frequency, hypothesis was tested using chi square at 0.05 level of significance. The result of the study showed that; recycling, reusing of food packaging wastes help in the environmental protection in Enugu state. It was recommended that; entrepreneurship should be encouraged in the area of recycling and reusing of food packaging wastes. It was also recommended that Enugu state government should encourage companies to design their product for re-use, recyclability and material reduction and those individuals should be encouraged to be environmental friendly.

Keywords: Environmental, Food, Packaging, Protection, Strategies., Wastes


The study examined the effect of packaging on the patronage of toothpaste among consumers in Ado-Ekiti metropolis, Nigeria. A total of 320 questionnaires were administered to respondents who were customers to eight most popular supermarkets through purposive sampling technique. Pearson-moment correlation analysis was used to determine the relationship between packaging information and patronage of toothpaste. Multiple regression was used to determine the influence of packaging attributes on patronage of toothpaste. The result revealed that among packaging information available on toothpaste products, expiry date, NAFDAC number and nutritional composition had the strongest relationship with patronage. The packaging attributes with highest influence were quantity, quality, and colour. The study recommended that manufacturers should place on their products only relevant information that will influence purchase decision. Furthermore, as families are growing, companies should be innovative to produce family size toothpaste tubes that will be cost saving for the consumers.

Keywords: Packaging, Packaging attributes, Packaging information, Patronage