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Equality of Learners Certification and Their Skill Production Through Package C Vocation (Published)

Package C is a program of non formal education which is equal to senior secondary school certification. It is an alternative for dropouts students or those who do not have a chance to get education at regular school such as senior secondary school or vocational school due to their busy work or unable to attend regular school, to help the society who cannot afford the education or dropout from regular school to get and improve their knowledge, skill, and good attitude. Package C vocation is principally a process of learning instruction in package C combined with the skill instruction by mainly implementing the instructional for enhancing the skill of the learners structurally to get competence. This study aims at analysing the implementation of the package C vocation to reduce the dropouts and to enhance the participants’ knowledge and skill needed for their work and looking for a job in the work place. Secondary data and the FGD with main implementors of packaged C was used to set up model of package C vocation. This model enhances the participants/learners’ skill and knowledge for their work.

Keywords: equality, learners certification, package C vocation, skill production