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Teaching Physical Education In Nigerian Secondary Schools Is A Barrier: An Implication For Future Generation, A Case Study Of Ado Metropolis Secondary Schools In Ekiti State, Nigeria. (Published)

The study examined Teaching Physical Education in Nigerian Secondary Schools is a Barrier: An Implication for Future Generation, A Case Study of Ado Metropolis Secondary Schools in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Purposive sampling technique was used to adopt 90 (Ninety) respondents been PE teachers in Ado metropolis secondary schools in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Questionnaire was the only instrument used and it was developed by researcher titled “Teaching Physical Education is a Barrier in Ado Metropolis Secondary Schools Questionnaire” (TPEBAMSSQ) and validated by expert in the field of physical education and sport, reliability coefficient was 0.77 after using Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC). Frequency counts and simple percentage was used to analyze demographic information of the respondents while linear regression was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings revealed that teacher competency was 3.038 calculated F-ratio and it was most significant barrier in teaching physical education in secondary schools in Ekiti State, gender difference calculated F-ratio was 3.026, facilities and equipment calculated F-ratio was 2.142, students’ interest in physical education calculated F-ratio was 2.104 while overloaded curriculum calculated F-ratio was 2.051. The variables tested were duly significant because they all higher than level of significance which is 0.05. It was recommended among others that trained physical education teachers and sports coaches should be employed to all the primary and secondary schools in Nigeria.

Keywords: Facilities and equipment, Gender, Overloaded curriculum, Physical education, Students’ Interest, Teacher