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History and Narrative: The Literary Autobiography in the Song Dynasty China (Published)

The literary autobiography in the Song Dynasty(960-1279) China is the highlight of Chinese Ancient literature.As the “literary master” of the Song Dynasty (960AD-1279AD) China, Ouyang Xiu (1007-1072)’s autobiography, Liu Yi Jushi Zhuan(The Biography of Hermit Six Ones), is an outstanding representative of Chinese autobiographical literature with profound connotations and significance. When viewed under the perspective of the historical culture of the Song Dynasty, it could deeply reveal the entertainment pleasure and personality ideal of the literati of Song in their leisurely, elegant daily life. It disclosed the historical value of the literati taste realm exceeding the high standard of the previous generations under the rich aesthetic cultural atmosphere of Song. With its creative contribution to the Chinese autobiographical literature, Liu Yi Jushi Zhuan deepened and expanded the aesthetic dimensions of autobiographies written thereafter that featured elegant taste and manifested self-image, provided superb narrative experience in the conveyance of ideological and moral characters with autobiographical narrative.

Keywords: Liu Yi Jushi Zhuan, Narrative, Ouyang Xiu, Six Ones, historical culture of the Song Dynasty