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Measuring the Effects of Web-Based Pre-Writing Activities on EFL Learners’ Writing Performance (Published)

Adopting pre-writing activities to support and improve writing skill is widely recognized by the language practitioners as a beneficial micro-skill. Based on this, the current study aimed at finding the effect of the prewriting activities when they are done online such as diagramming, mapping outlining combined with traditional in-class writing instruction on helping EFL learners brainstorm, plan, organize and write. The study consists of two groups: experimental and control. The experimental group was taught by a combination of web-based prewriting activities and the traditional in-class writing instruction. The control group was taught by traditional in-class writing instruction based on the textbook only. The experimental design was utilized, with pre-posttest to compare the writing performance of the two groups of the study. T-test analysis results showed that there were significant differences in students’ writing competency between the two groups in favor of the experimental.

Keywords: Diagramming, Mapping, Outlining., Pre-writing Activities, Web-based Activities, Writing Performance