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Fabric Structures of Weft Knitting, And the Effect on Some Properties of Out Wear Clothes for Women (Published)

Knitting fabrics are characterized by several features in terms of their ability to suit shape and texture, their softness as well as high ability to withstand converting it to a large percentage of elongation before cutting. In addition, fabrics of outer clothes produced by weft knitting machines are distinguished by the provision of comfort sense and elegant appearance, which is due to knitting combinations and mechanical and physical considerations. Therefore, the present study aims to produce weft-knitting fabrics that have functional properties suitable for women outer clothes as they have higher use efficiency and clothing comfort. Samples of fabrics have been produced of raw materials like cotton, acrylic, cotton/acrylic, cotton/polyester, and acrylic/polyester. In addition to reap, single Jersey, single jersey on hold stitch, reap-stitch jacquard. The baize used by machinery was English (5). After the implementation of cloth samples, some laboratory tests were conducted on fabrics produced under research to identify their different properties and their relationship with the variables of study factors in screening and quality at the laboratories of the National Center for Research in Doqi. The standard weather was in relative humidity of 65 ± 2%, and a temperature of 20 ± 2º. Findings of testing produced fabrics revealed that samples made of acrylic/polyester with Single Jersey on hold stitch were the idealist samples whereas samples that were completely made of cotton with installation of structural Jacquard reap structure were less- ideal. In addition, samples that were completely made of cotton with a reap structure were the highest samples regarding the columns while samples completely produced of acrylic with single jersey were the lowest. Furthermore, samples made of acrylic/cotton and reap structure were in the first rank regarding moisture absorption while samples produced from acrylic / polyester and single jersey structure were the least regarding moisture absorption. Finally, samples made of acrylic / cotton and jacquard structure were the highest samples regarding the static electricity, but samples completely produced of cotton for all structures were, in general the least with regard to this kind of electricity.

Keywords: Clothes for Women, Fabric Structures, Out Wear Clothes, Weft Knitting