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Imperative For Special Needs People (Snp) Participation in Tourism Activities in Osogbo Metropolis Osun State, Nigeria (Published)

Participation in tourism activities by Special Needs People (SNP) has both economic and social benefits. Tourism activities are pleasurable activities which can improve physical and mental health of the participants. This study attempts to investigate the imperative for special needs people (SNP) participation in tourism activities in Osogbo metropolis, Osun State, Nigeria. Sixty (60) respondents were purposively selected out of which fifty-seven (57) questionnaires were returned which represents 95%. Data were collected using structured interview schedule from schools for the handicapped in Osogbo metropolis. Statistical tools such as frequency counts, percentages and Chi-square were used for analysing the data. Hypotheses were tested and the calculated X² (11.68) is greater than tabulated X² (5.99). Chi square indicates that there is a significant relationship between benefits to be derived from participating in tourism activities by special needs people (SNP) in Osogbo metropolis. A major conclusion of this study is that tourism activities are imperative for special needs people in Osogbo metropolis provided adequate and related tourism activities information is made available. The study concluded there is a need to include special needs people (SNP) in tourism activities especially in the study area. The study recommended that government should establish holiday centres in the study area to encourage special needs people participation in tourism activities.

Keywords: Imperative, Osogbo Metropolis, Participation, Special Needs People (SNP), Tourism Activities