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On Cyclic Orthogonal Double Covers of Regular Circulant Graphs by Certain in…Nite Graph Classes (Published)

A collection G of isomorphic copies of a given subgraph G of a graph H is said to be an orthogonal double cover (ODC) of H by G; if every edge of H belongs to exactly two members of G and any two di¤erent elements from G share at most one edge. An ODC G of H is cyclic (CODC) if the cyclic group of order jV (H)j is a subgroup of the automorphism group of G. In this paper, the CODCs of regular circulant graphs by certain in…nite graph classes are considered.

Keywords: 2010 Mathematics Subject Classi…cation: 05C70; 05B30:, Circulant graphs, Orthogonal double covers, Orthogonal labelling