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Gestalt Interpretation in Recognition of Ornaments in Persian Architecture (Case Study: Fin-Garden) (Review Completed - Accepted)

In recent century Gestalt theory can be pursued in architecture. Considering the perception in this theory, there are several researches about that but they are limited to defining its theoretical context and not pay attention to its usage in ornaments of Iranian gardens. Now that in this paper, at first the gestalt theory and the relation between the concepts of Gestalt and ornament designing were studied. The basic research questions are: “What is gestalt theory and what concepts are in this theory?” and “what dimensions will be emphasized more based on gestalt theory about analysis of historical ornaments?” To answer these questions a theoretical framework on gestalt theory should be drawn. Logical reasoning in field theory is the research methodology. To achieve the aims, gestalt theory and its theoretical concepts are expressed and analyzed in “Fin garden” in Kashan. Studies conducts show that gestalt theory is useful yet and it can be used for architecture and revealing diverse aspects of Iranian architecture and putting on recognition.

Keywords: Fin-Garden of Kashan, Gestalt theory, Ornaments