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Evaluating Management of Strategic Change in HIV-Research Laboratory at the Kenya Medical Research Institute/Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (KEMRI/CDC) (Published)

Organizations are a component of interconnected subsystems where a change in one subsystem impacts on the other subsystems that are in constant interaction with the environment where as evaluation is the process of gathering data and analyzing it in such a way that the resulting information can be used to determine whether an organization is effectively carrying out planned activities and the extent to which it is achieving its stated objectives and anticipated results. If the changes implemented do not impact the organization strategically, then there lacks the essence of overtaxing the limited and hard earned organizational resources. It is in this light that this study set out to evaluate management of strategic change within HIV- Research laboratory in KEMRI/CDC while focusing on factors that influence change, factors that affect or challenge the process of change management as well as to determine the impact of such strategic changes on the laboratory overtime. During the study both primary and secondary data were collected and conceptual content analysis was used. The study depicts that the change at HIV-R laboratory was influenced by both internal and external forces. There was an over emphasis on putting in place quality structures which has increased the total budget of the laboratory and the laboratory staff turnover. Both planned and emergent approaches to change management models were evident during the change process. The performance of the change management process was affected by various factors; mild resistance from the staff, systemic resistance, individual behavior, group dynamics, culture change and leadership. A major success of the strategic change management program was the achievement of ISO 15189, which catapulted the acquisition of other international accreditations that are prestigious. The study concludes that the management of HIV-R laboratory averagely performed on how they handled the change process following their clarity on the short term future state of the organization rather than the long term, hence, minimizing the positive impact that the change could have had.

Keywords: HIV-Research Laboratory, ISO 15189, KEMRI/CD, Organizations Strategic Change