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The Constraints Faced by Staff in Effective Communication in Kenyan Public Universities (Published)

This study was conducted at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.It was designed to investigate the constraints faced by Staff ineffective Communication in Kenyan public universities.The study specifically investigated the constraints faced by staff in effective communication in theKenyan Public Universities.Literature was reviewed in relation to the above stated objective. The study sample was drawn from MMUST and involved both academic and administrative staff. The sample size was one hundred and fifty two (152) which represents 77.6% of the target population. Stratified random sampling techniques based on the respondents job descriptions were used. The instruments for data collection involved use of questionnaires and information from secondary data materials for instance the University Act of 2007 and the employee survey findings of 2006. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The major findings revealed that MMUST staff had experienced constraints in effectively communicating to other members of staff. The study identified the constraints faced by the MMUST staff in conveying messages citing lack of adequate working equipment and office space. The study therefore, recommended that MMSUT develops appropriate communication policies to curb the communication based problems affecting the university.

Keywords: Barrier, Channel, Constraints, Influence, Organization, Research, Teaching, communication

News Coverage and its Impact on the Corporate Reputation of Organisations in Ghana (Published)

The study examines the ways in which news coverage by journalist and the various media houses have an influence on corporate reputation of an organization. The media is one of the biggest medium through which information flows. In Ghana, the media is even referred to as the fourth arm of government after the legislature, executive and judiciary. The purpose of the study was to find out news coverage by journalist and media houses impact on the corporate reputation of organization in Ghana. The study used both quantitative and qualitative data. Journalists have a responsibility of doing the job professional without fear or favor. The study revealed that journalist and Media houses are very powerful and as a result any negative reportage by the media houses will go a long way to affect the image and reputation of an organization and a positive reportage can also enhance the image and reputation of the organization

Keywords: Corporate Reputation, Journalist, Media Houses, Organization