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Factors That Affect Employee Readiness; an Insight from Bank NTB Transformation (Published)

Business is growing from year to year. This development led to competition in some industries that are increasingly high. The development of increasingly sophisticated technology, the world is faced with the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 which emphasizes the digital economy pattern, artificial intelligence, big data, robotic, etc., or known as the disruptive innovation phenomenon. All organizations are expected to be able to take advantage of various opportunities in this era of globalization and industrial revolution because of changes that are very fast and unavoidable. Bank NTB as the spearheading institution of local economy always strive to provide excellent services to the community through performance and improvement services through product innovation, information technologies improvement, and human resources quality enhancement. Changes that occur within the company, especially the transformation from Conventional Bank to Sharia Bank, require the supports from the board and the employees are rapidly, appropriately, and with high motivation to run the programs that have been set. This study identifies the factors that support the successful transformation of NTB Bank into Bank NTB Sharia. Changes that occur within the company, especially the transformation from Conventional Banks to Islamic Banks, require support from all leaders and employees. The level of readiness of employees in the face of the transformation process of Bank NTB into a Bank of NTB Syariah can be said to be ready as a whole which can be seen from the indicators of the variables: leadership practice, way of thinking, psychological capital, and organization commitment.

Keywords: Banking, Change Readiness, Organization Commitment, Transformation