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Organisational Identification and Employee Performance in Selected Commercial Banks in Delta State (Published)

In the present unpredictable and volatile Nigerian business environment, inadequate prestige, self-esteem and incongruent values of employees in the selected commercial banks in Delta State has made attaining effective performance a major problem. The broad objective of the study was to determine the relationship that exists between organisational identification and employee performance in selected commercial banks in Delta State. The study was anchored on social identity theory. Descriptive survey research design was employed for the study. The population of the study was 204 consisting of employees of the selected banks and complete enumeration was used for the sample size Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient was used in testing the hypothesis. Findings of the study revealed that evaluative Identification (group self-esteem) has a significant positive relationship with Organisational Citizenship Behaviour. The study therefore concluded that organisational identification plays an important role on the level of performance employees put into their work. It was recommended that management of the studied banks should make deliberate policies and put machineries in place to build the sense of prestige, pride and self-esteem of the employees from being members of the organisation as this would elicit extra role behaviour from the employees and the organisation would be better for it.

Keywords: Employee Performance, Evaluative Identification, Organisational Citizenship Behaviour, Organisational Identification, self-esteem