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Organisational Communication Climate and Employees’ Job Commitment in Ibom Air (Published)

This research on organisational communication climate and employees’ job satisfaction in Ibom Air was conducted using survey research method. Questionnaire was used as the major instrument of data collection. The population of the study comprised staff of Ibom Air which according to Akwa Ibom State Government is 300 (Twitter.com/aksgovt/stutus). Since the population of the study is not too large enough, the same figure was also used as the sample size. Thus, the sample size for the study is 300. The study which was anchored on the modern organisation theory found out that majority of respondents (63%) agreed that downward communication flow dominates. The study also found out that 100% of respondents agreed that the organisational communication climate influences employees job commitment. The study recommends that management of Ibom Air should involve their employees in the decision making process of the organisation in order to enhance job commitment.

Keywords: Covid-19 and Ibom Air, communication climate, job commitment, organisational communication