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The organizational images that influence employee engagement with mediator variables psychological capital (Published)

Creating organizational images of employees is relevant to the organization and is an important factor for employees, choosing a job, namely deciding to work for the company and positive images of employees about the company after working (Barber, 1998). Furthermore, the factors that determine the formation of employees’ views on organizational images, include; product brand, reputation, corporate identity and corporate social responsibility (Harrison (1995), Walsh, et al (008) and these factors can foster the pride of organizational members. Employees’ understanding of organizational images that positively affects psychological conditions and encourages the formation of positive psychological conditions known as Psychological Capital as PsyCap, as an individual positive psychological state characterized by; self-efficacy, optimism, hope and resilience. Youssef and Avolio (2007). So that PsyCap is driven by external factors that come from the environment and management organizations are capable of driving employee engagement. Employees with strong PsyCap, influenced by pride in the organization, are able to encourage employees to play a role in realizing the vision and mission of the organization, being loyal as a form of emotional, cognitive and physical attachment to employees called employee engagement (Kahn 1990.  Employee engagement consists of: say, strive   and stay (Hewitt, 2004). In this study, variable organizational images were represented by 17 questions, a validity score of 0.55 and a reliability score of 0.95. Psycap with 15 questions, a validity score of 0.48 and a reliability score of 0.93 and Employee engagement represented by 13 question items with a validity score of 0.42 and a reliability score of  0.90. The results of hypothesis testing with the coefficient                    ʎ = ​​0.15 (t hit 5.14 ˃1.96) illustrate the influence of employee organizational images on employee engagement with the PsyCap mediator variable is positive and significant.

Keywords: Employee Engagement, orgaizational images, psychological capital