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The Effect of Road Traffic Delay on Supply Chain Performance of Manufacturing Firms in Lagos State, Nigeria (Published)

This study examined the trend of traffic growth and its resultant effect on supply chain performance on manufacturing firms in Lagos State, Nigeria. The study adopted purposive and simple random sampling technique. Firms along transport congestion corridors were purposively selected. and workers in the selected firms were randomly selected. Sampled firms distributors and customers were also used to gather information regarding supply chain performance. A total number of 225 respondents were randomly sampled from 3,981 workers of two firms to solicit information on how congestion affects supply chain performance, analysis was done using multiple regression analyze. Result shows that all identified variable were statistically significant except goods returned and fuel consumption at p<0.005. From the findings, the study concluded that there is inverse relationship between traffic congestion and supply chain performance. This implied that as traffic congestion increases it have a resultant effect on supply chain performance. Therefore, the study recommended that government and other stakeholders should see congestion as a collective task in order to improve free flow of traffic that would significantly improve supply chain performance both in local and national economy.

Keywords: Congestion, Delay, Logistics, Order fulfilment, Supply Chain, Transport

The impact of organizational efforts on process satisfaction and purchase intention with emphasizing on the role of mediator of consumer concerns in an online context (Published)

The main of this study, was “The impact of organizational efforts to process consumer satisfaction and purchase intention with emphasizing on the role of mediator consumer concerns an online context, in the e-store “Jahesh book”. The present study is an applied research. It is also a survey conducted based on descriptive-analytical method. The study population included the Jahesh book, s customers. 170 of them were selected based on simple random sampling. In order to collect data, local standard questionnaires that its reliability Alpha total (0/869) and its validity using factor analysis KMO (0/796) validity was confirmed.   Research hypotheses were tested using structural equation and Spss22 as well as Lisrel software was used for data analysis. The results, using path analysis shows that Order fulfilment, absence of error and trust online have a negative impact on perceived risk. Also, order fulfilment, brand image, Reduction of security and privacy concerns, have significant positive impact on online trust. Positive impact of absence of errors and reduction of security concerns on reduction of privacy concerns, was approved. Brand image also has a significant positive impact on reduction of security concerns. Reduction of security and privacy concerns, online trust and satisfaction have a significant positive impact on purchase intention. Perceived risk has a significant negative impact on satisfaction and purchase intention. The positive effect of visual effects, online trust, reduction of security and privacy concerns on satisfaction were approved. Of course, the impact of visual appearance  on online trust and reduction of security concerns were not confirmed.

Keywords: Intention to purchase, Order fulfilment, Security concerns, Visual appearance