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Principles of Public-Private Partnership Approach for Providing Sustainable Social Housing Projects in New Egyptian Cities (Case Study: Experience of Orascom Social Housing Project in 6 October City) (Published)

Egyptian government concerns nowadays with providing affordable housing for low-income individuals to face rapid population growth and avoid building informal housing in urban areas through suggestion new social housing projects which will establishment in new cities. On the other hand there is a decreasing in government funding for housing projects, especially social housing projects , therefore ministry of housing is looking for alternative sources of funding such as public-private partnership approach (PPP) to reduce the government financial allocation for housing projects and get a benefit from Previous successful experiences of private sector in this field. PPP approach is one of housing policies that government released after 1970 for low- income housing  which has been applied  in new Egyptian cities after 2005 ( youth housing projects), where many companies participated with government in housing development during the period from 2005 to 2011. Through this participation ,the government allocated land for investors in the new cities such as (Six October, El Obour and Sheikh Zayed ..) cities Within the framework of the National project for Housing  (Mubarak Youth Housing Project) to provide housing units with an area (63 m2) beside the Profitable investment projects for private sector . This policy had many pros and cons that must be considered and solved in new projects to achieve the balance between public , private and low-income groups objectives and requirements. Therefore the objective of this paper is to identify the main principles of Public-private partnership approach for providing social housing projects in new Egyptian cities according to a review of previous experiences of other countries , recommendations of International authorities such as (UN- Habtit 2011) and finding challenges of implementing Public-Private Partnerships  in  new Egyptian cities (Experience of  Orascom company for social housing in 6 October city – Haram City). These principles include ( selection of suaitable ppp type – improving PPP skills – development of legal framework..) that must be applied in new Egyptian cities to produce sustainable social housing. 

Keywords: Affordable social housing, Mubarak Youth Housing Project (National project of housing), Orascom company project (Harm city in October city), Public-Private Partnership, Social Housing