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An Empirical Study of Language Learning Strategies and Speaking Abilities (Published)

The importance of oral English learning has been paid more and more attention from English majors. However, inefficient oral English learning is an outstanding problem for many English majors in English learning. In addition to the linguistic environment, the lack of an effective strategy guide is also one of the key factors causing this problem. In order to figure out whether the use of the language learning strategy is helpful to the English major students’ speaking ability or not, in this study, thirty-five English major students are surveyed by a questionnaire on their oral English learning and strategy use. It is found that most of the students use learning strategies in their oral English learning. What’s more, cognitive strategies, metacognitive strategies, and social strategies are the most useful strategies for students’ oral English. In other words, the use of learning strategies is helpful to college students’ speaking abilities. Therefore, to improve students’ oral proficiency, this paper proposes that teachers should systematically guide students in oral learning strategies, especially in cognitive, metacognitive, and social strategies training.

Keywords: English Learning, English major, language learning strategies, oral English learning strategies