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On The Existence and Uniqueness of a Steady Hydro Magnetic Flow of a Radiating Viscous Fluid in a Porous Medium (Published)

This study examines the existence and uniqueness of a steady hydro magnetic flow of a radiating viscous fluid in a porous medium. The combine effects of a radioactive heat transfer and transverse magnetic field on a steady flow of an electrically conducting optically thin fluid through a horizontal channel with porous medium in non-uniform temperatures at the wall were considered. The transformed non-linear coupled partial differential equations were solved numerically using shooting method via Runge-Kutta method of order four using Maple software.Numerical results for the effects of the parameters such as magnetic, radiation and porosity   on velocity and temperature distributions were discussed graphically.

Keywords: Porous Medium., convective flow, electrically conducting fluid, hydro magnetic flow, optically thin, radiating viscous fluid