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China’s March from Open Government towards Open Judicial System (Published)

Transparency and openness, government integrity, citizen participation and the respect for the rights of the public are the fundamental requirements for the open government. In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the government, re-designing and openness is necessary. Re-engineering government can help in building a governance model adaptive to the demands of public in the information age. Open government is built on e-government development. Information technology is the basic key towards open government. In the age of technological advancement, open government can’t be realized without the use of information technology. It enables the public to easily access the government information and provides different channels for public participation in the government processes.  Research paper in hand investigates the development of open government and open judiciary in China. Chinese term kāifang sīfǎ (开放司法) which literally means “judicial openness” has been widely used in China’s official documents since 2004. Now a day’s, the term judicial openness is being used frequently among judges, politicians, scholars and the public, therefore, this research tries to trace out the growth of expanded use of openness in the Chinese judicial system. Further, it explains the development of judicial openness from relatively narrow concept towards a broader one during the development of more than one and half decade.

Citation: Hamid Mukhtar, Hafiz Abdul Rahman Saleem, Qian Hongdao, Ayesha Mumtaz  (2021) China’s March from Open Government towards Open Judicial System, Global Journal of Politics and Law Research, Vol.9, No.7, pp.16-29


Keywords: Open government, Participation, judicial openness