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Performance Analysis of Downlink Multiuser CP-Free MIMO OFDM System with Interference Cancellation and Enhancement of Physical-Layer Security (Published)

In scenario of considering improvement of physical layer security and  spectral efficiency with  effective elimination of Multiuser Interference and  out-of-band (OOB) spectrum power reduction in fifth generation (5G)/future generation mobile networks, we have proposed a downlink Multiuser CP-Free MIMO OFDM system in this paper. The simulated system under consideration incorporates LQ-based generalized side-information cancellation (GSIC) interference reduction  pre-coding strategy, 2D chaotic map aided  encryption, Tukey windowing  for OOB reduction, Regularized ZF signal detection, LDPC channel coding, Resource allocation  for achievable system spectral efficiency and low order digital modulation  techniques. On consideration of audio signal transmission in AWGN and MIMO Rayleigh flat fading channels, it is observable from MATLAB based simulation study that the proposed system is very much robust and effective in retrieving individual user’s audio signal with substantial reduction of multiuser interference and OOB and also achieves superior Bit error rate (BER)-performance.

Keywords: 2D chaotic map based encryption, CP-Free MIMO OFDM, LDPC, LQ-based GSIC precoding, OOB reduction, SNR.