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Online Teaching Course to Develop Students’ Creativity in Handmade Embroidery (Published)

The present study aimed to identify the effectiveness of an online course in comparison with face-to-face teaching in the development of students’ creative thinking enrolled in Handmade Embroidery course at the Department of Home Economics at the Faculty of Education, at Najran University. To achieve this aim, an creative thinking test regarding the content of Handmade Embroidery course was developed. Learning Management System Blackboard provided by the eLearning Deanship ant Najran University was also used in the design and production of the online course. The experimental approach was used through the experiment application to (50) students in their fourth level at the college of education. Participant students were divided into two groups of (25) students in each. The control group was taught via Face-to-Face learning, while the online course was used to teach participants in the experimental group. Findings proved the effectiveness of online course in developing students’ overall creative thinking and mainly their flexibility and authenticity abilities whereas it was not effective in developing their fluency skill.

Keywords: Handmade Embroidery, Online Teaching Course, Students Creativity