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Examining the Factors Affecting the Adoption of Online Survey Tools amongst Researchers in Nigeria (Published)

Online surveys have become the prominent method of eliciting information in academic research. However, irrespective of its ease of use, quick response rate, and low cost rate, many researchers especially in the developing world are not fully embracing the use of this valuable research tool. Literature reviewed extensively the various types, significance and response rate of online survey, none actually focused on researchers in Nigeria and factors limiting their adoption of online survey. This work seeks to examine the factors inhibiting the adoption of online survey tools by researchers in Nigeria, and to proffer solutions towards the enhancement of usage of this valuable tool in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Survey research design was used for the study. Survey questionnaire was designed and distributed to academic researchers in higher institutions in Nigeria. The study found that inadequate technical skills, Poor access to the internet and other cutting edge facilities occasioned by poor funding and low response rate characterized of online survey in Nigeria are strong limiting factors to the growing use of online research tools in Nigeria. Efforts need to be channeled appropriately towards advocacy programmes and training of researchers in Nigeria on the various research tools. To improve the response rate of online surveys, the sensitization programmes on online survey need to include the benefits derived from surveys by both the researcher and the respondents.

Citation: Okoroma Francisca Nwakaego (2021) Examining the Factors Affecting the Adoption of Online Survey Tools amongst Researchers in Nigeria, European Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, Vol.9, No.3, pp.19-28


Keywords: Nigeria, adoption rate, online survey, research tool, researchers