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Consumer Trust, Adoption Level of Innovation and Acceptance of Technology as the Variables that Affecting Online Shopping Behavior – Evidence In Banda Aceh (Published)

This study aims to examine consumer trust, adoption level of innovation and acceptance of technology as variables that influence online shopping behavior in Banda Aceh. Perceptions of consumer trust are measured by the level of shopping security, the level of integrity of online shopping service providers, and the level of reliability of online shopping compared to traditional shopping. Adoption level of innovation measured by the distance of time consumers know of online shopping until the time of purchasing products online assuming factors other factors such as price and consumer income are ignored. Acceptance of Technology measured by perceived shopping usefulness and perceived ease of use using online shopping technology. The technology perceived by respondents is internet technology for official online sites Online shopping behavior is measured by attitudes, interests and buying behavior through online shopping. This study used SEM analysis with variance approach (partial least square path modeling-PLS PM) with smartPLS software. The research population is all consumers who have knowledge and experience of internet use in the Banda Aceh who do shopping online through official sites and or social media. Samples taken in this study were 150 people. The research used purposive sampling technique method with proportional sampling based on the rules of sampling. The results showed that, variable consumer trust in online shopping behavior had a significant influence on online shopping behavior. While the variables of consumer trust have a significant effect on the level of adoption of online shopping innovations as well as variables of consumer trust influence the acceptance of online shopping technology. While the variable adaption  level of innovation does not influence the behavior of online shopping and acceptance of technology does not influence the behavior of online shopping.

Keywords: Acceptance Of Technology, Adoption Level Of Innovation, Consumer Trust, Online Shopping Behavior