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The Effective Use of Youtube Videos for Teaching English Language in Classrooms as Supplementary Material at Taibah University in Alula (Published)

Technology plays an important role in people’s day-to-day life and can be used effectively for various aspects in education. The YouTube website is regarded as one online material that can be integrated into traditional English lessons. It is also considered a source of online material that can play a vital role in the teaching and learning field. This paper sheds light on a new mode of teaching English courses and examines the effective role of the multimodal text found in many YouTube videos for teaching English inside the classrooms as supplementary material. This study concluded that YouTube could be a good material to incorporate English lessons and can also help with understanding the lesson. It found that the use of YouTube can play a vital role in helping pupils understand their English lessons, improve their performance, and advance their understanding of English. Additionally, the multimodal text in YouTube can play a leading role in helping learners understand their English lessons. However, this paper included a number of recommendations according to the study findings. It also recommended some future research, particularly to explore students’ attitudes towards the use of YouTube and the negative concerns that pupils may have while learning new languages by using YouTube or teachers’ experiences with using YouTube videos.

Keywords: Authentic videos, Multimodal text, Online materials, Supplementary material, Traditional, YouTube website