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Assessing the Impacts of One-Stop Government Portal on Improvement of Public Service Delivery in Tanzania (Published)

As part of realizing development programmes faster, governments have been adopting modern ICTs and implementing e-government towards better public services. As such, the Government of Tanzania took an initiatives to establish One-Stop Government Portal “the www.tanzania.go.tz” which provide comprehensive, accurate and reliable one stop source of information about Tanzania. However, the contemporary literature paints a picture of scarce research on the impacts of One-Stop Government implementation initiatives in LDCs. This study aims at assessing the impacts of One-Stop Government Portal on improvement of public service delivery in Tanzania. Findings of the study pointed out that, One-Stop Government Portal significantly improve public service delivery at reduced cost, hence affordable to public service consumers. Specifically, it was found to enhance citizen’s access to information, improved quality of services, save time and procedural fairness. It is therefore recommended that there must be advocacy for awareness and integration of more services to improve service availability.

Keywords: E-government, One-Stop Shop, Public Services