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Social Media as Civic Space for Political Literacy among Older Adult Citizens in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (Published)

While ubiquitous in everyday use, in reality social media usage by the older adult is not very common and in particular in the teaching of civic duties and electioneering campaign. The purpose of this study was to find out what social media platform older adults commonly use to acquire political literacy in urban indigenous communities in Nigeria; what political literacies do older adults acquire through the various social media.  The study was conducted during the 2019 general election in Nigeria using the questionnaire survey.  The study shows that facebook and WhatsApp are the most used social media for political literacy during electioneering period; that greater number of older adults uses the social media to know party symbols; names of political parties, read party manifestos, that social media provides the civic space for older adults to acquire, update and retool their skills for the performance of their civic duties and obligation as senior citizens and that intercultural and interreligious dialogue is not mostly accessed by the older adults as part of their political literacy education. It was concluded that literate older adults are virtually visible in the social media and that in respect of gender gap, that men are more visible in social media in accessing and acquiring political literacy through the social media than women.

Keywords: Learning, Older Adults, Social media, political literacy

A Review of the Inquiry of Creativity in Older Adults in Journals (Published)

Everyone possesses creativity and this ability is a normal distribution. However, most creativity researchers select eminent scientists or artists. In addition, in the education literature, creativity research focuses more on children or adolescents (especially college students) rather than older adults. The purpose of this study was to examine the intellectual perceptions of creativity in older adults found in scholarly journals. This review attempted to sort out the assumptions underlying the portrayal of older adults and their relationship with creativity in scholarly journals from 1980 to 2012. After reviewing 56 journal articles, two themes emerged: the optimistic view of older adult lives and the need for creativity for successful aging. There is a call from not only educators but also policy makers to invest more funds and energy to promote creativity for (older) adult learners.

Keywords: Adult Education, Creativity, Literature Review, Older Adults