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Assessment of Flooding On the Secondary School Students in Ogba / Egbema / Ndoni Local Government Area in Rivers State, Nigeria (Published)

This study assesses the effects of flooding on the Secondary School Students in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria, which occurred in October 2012. Data of this study were obtained from questionnaires, interview, personal observation, and newspaper report. A total of 90 respondents, drawn from residents in flood prone areas, were sampled for this study. Survey method was used in the analysis of data. The result of analysis showed that floods in Omoku occurred mostly at the event of rainfall intensity and amount and especially at rainy season but this particular flood occurred in October 2012 after the main rainy season (August/September). Factors other than rainfall identified to substantially influenced flooding in the study are: lack of good drainage network, dumping of wastes / refuse in drainage and water channels, topographic characteristics, overflowing of riverbanks, low infiltration due to high water table and degree of built up areas leading to increased runoffs, and climate changes. Despite the flood hazards, occupants in flood prone area have remained on the basis of no alternative, cultural ethnic affinity, schools, family home, place where students stayed used to flooding as the whole area suffered from flooding nature of occupation, and cheaper houses to rent, animals, and farm lands which will lead to hunger in the future in those affected areas, personal properties and public infrastructures also suffered all forms of flood damages. Flood mitigation measures also include river rechannelisation, raising school foundations, use of sand bags bridges and neighbor community efforts. Public enlightenment and necessary legislation and enforcement are recommended to checkmate activities aiding flooding

Keywords: Flooding, Ndoni LGA, Ogba Egbema, Secondary School