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Impact of Virtual Office on Business Environment (Published)

This study focused on the impact of virtual office on business environment. A virtual office gives businesses a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff. For a better understanding of the impacts, the researcher established first the link between technology and office work. It was found that with the advent of technological advancement, office works required the use of updated technologies for the ultimate goals of being globally competitive. The reasons for adopting virtual offices include reduction of costs of production and services, improvement of performance, increased work productivity being up-to-date, and becoming at the competitive edge over other markets. Given the findings, it was concluded that adoption of virtual office work have a positive impact on performance and it creates employment opportunities rather than it eliminates. The challenges can be addressed by providing early notice about the change, the conduct of planning and training so that the personnel can successfully adapt to the change and displacement of workers will be prevented.

Keywords: Office, Technology, Work Environment, virtual, virtual office

Current Issues and Challenges in the Acquisition of Office Technology and Management Skills (Published)

It is a well-established fact that advances in technology has affected different professions with a view to meet global trends in higher productivity, speed, networking and excellent packaging. Accomplishing the routine tasks with machines is known as automation. Hence this paper accesses how secretaries have used as a panacea to accelerate their success in the workplace. Their basic activities affected includes: reprography, word processing, organization of meetings amongst others. The paper revealed certain products of automation like: printing, book keeping, payroll, forms management. It also highlighted major challenges of lack of funds, insecurity as having bedeviled office automation. Recommendations made included that secretaries and office technology managers should constantly be retrained to sharpen their equipment handling capacity. It was therefore concluded that it was inevitable for business concerns to continue these changes to enable their secretaries reshape their products to meet global standards.

Keywords: Acquisition, Management Skills, Office, Technology


The study examined the impact of records keeping on office managers in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Two research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. A descriptive survey research design was used for the study.The study was carried out in Ebonyi and Enugu States of Nigeria. The entire population comprising of 100 office managers was studied. A four point response item questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. Two experts in the department of business education and one expert in educational measurement and evaluation were given the drafted copies of the questionnaire for face and content validity. Cronbach Alpha was used to ascertain the reliability of the instrument. The data collected were analyzed using mean, standard deviation and t-test statistics. The findings of the study showed that records’ keeping is very important for effective planning of the office. Despite the importance of records keeping on office management, it has been constrained by lack of funds, insufficient skills, poor storage, and lack of infrastructure etc. Furthermore, the null hypotheses were accepted. Based on these findings, the researcher recommended that government and school authorities should provide adequate funds and sufficient skills for the effective management of office records, there should be adequate training and retraining of office managers, also there should be adequate infrastructure in the school.

Keywords: Efficiency, Office, Records, Universities