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An Evaluation of Occupational Safety and Health Management in the Apparel Industries of Bangladesh (Published)

Occupational Safety and Health (S&H) is one of the most critical functions of the Apparel Industries of Bangladesh. This study had endeavored to evaluate the existing condition of S&H practices in Apparel Industries of Bangladesh by reviewing the opinion of 120 workers of 12 Apparel Industries located in Chattogram, Bangladesh. The primary data was collected through a close-end questionnaire survey. It was found in the study that the sample apparel factories are very successful in installing a sufficient number of fire safety equipment and making the first aid box available. However, the results also show the high regularly of S & H training. Hence, the factories were found weak in maintaining fire safety equipment regularly and there is a lack of adequate fire exit as well. The study suggested some specific policy recommendations to overcome the limitations. Bangladeshi apparel factories are improving the condition of S&H. Hence, a research paper like this can encourage an intensive discussion on the necessity of improving the S&H practices in this economically significant sector.

Keywords: Bangladesh, Compliance, apparel industries, occupational safety and health, readymade garments