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German Occupation of Soviet Union during World War I1: The Significance of the Liberation of Leningrad (Published)

This paper examines the fate of prisoners of war and displaced persons during the 900- day German siege on Leningrad vis-à-vis the significance of the Soviet liberation of the town in terms of the effect on Leningrad people’s social condition, as well as the impact of the liberation on Soviet Union’s military campaign to expel German forces completely from Soviet territory. The paper argues that the liberation of Leningrad was significant in that it halted the annihilating death toll of over 600,000 Russians in the town alone together with the vastly deteriorating humanitarian conditions, and also marked the successive collapse of Nazi occupation in other Soviet towns and entire Eastern front. The study adopts the historical method.

Keywords: German, Leningrad, Occupation, Soviet Union, world war 11

Protracted Occupation That Leads to de facto State Creation: The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, An International Legal Evaluation (Published)

The history of Cyprus is replete with foreign invasions and occupation. Modern history has Great Britain in control over the island, betwixt a long-term period of antagonism and hostility over the island’s control between Greece and Turkey.  Greek Cypriots have for many years sought enosis, or union with Greece, while the minority Turkish community’s ethnic community goal has been taksim (partition) between the two ethnic groups.  A crucial temporal dividing point came in 1974 when following a coup d’etat against the Greek Cypriot leadership leading to some instability which was then followed by a Turkish military invasion in order to protect the island’s Turkish population. Once order was restored and with Ankara’s backing, the Turkish Cypriots created the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.  Because of the manner in which the political action occurred, only Turkey provided diplomatic recognition, thus bringing up the legal issue of non-recognition and a discussion of the use of force to achieve a political objective.


Keywords: Cyprus, Greek foreign policy, International law, Occupation, Turkish foreign policy, Turkish republic, de facto state, northern Cyprus

An Assessment of Some Factors Influencing the Performance of Household Tasks Among Women Civil Servants in Lagos State (Published)

This study investigated the assessment of some factors influencing the performance of household tasks among women civil servants in Lagos State. Three objectives and three research questions were formulated for the study. Three null hypotheses were postulated, and a sample of 520 women civil servants were drawn from nineteen ministries in Lagos State using proportional random sampling technique. Data were collected using a self designed questionnaire. ANOVA statistics was used to test the hypotheses of significance at 0.05 level of agreement. The findings revealed that (i) there was a significant difference among women civil servants of different educational level and the type of household tasks they performed. The second one indicated a significant difference among women civil servant of different occupational level and the availability of labour saving devices for the performance of household tasks. (iii) revealed that significant differences did not occur among the women civil servants with different income level and hours spent for the performance of the tasks. Necessary recommendations and conclusions were made.

Keywords: Education, Household tasks, Income, Occupation, Performance, Women civil servant