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Unjustice with Women in Pakistan: A Critical Review (Published)

Behind the underestimation of women from all walks of life in Pakistan, the aim is to avoid the selection process. To be sure, it is useless to appear in the women’s trade unions, where they can endure barbarism. In spite of this, the behavior of the debilitated women from the infringement of their personal rights is common. Although the Constitution of the Pakistan stipulates that all citizens are equal before the law and should not be separated under the premise of gender, there is a comprehensive standard practice of abusing them. These customary structures are obstacles to the equal status of women in Pakistani society.

Keywords: Gender Inequality, Obstacles, Violence

Impact of HR recruitment process on Jordanian universities effectiveness. (Published)

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of HR recruitment process on achieving effectiveness for Jordanian Universities.

The variables of this study consisted of independent variable (HR recruitment process) and dependent variable (Jordanian universities. effectiveness).

The study employed the statistical analytical descriptive approach based on the literature review approach and field work to test the study hypothesis.

The population of this study Consisted of HR managers and heads of HR departments in Jordanians universities

A sample of40 heads and managers of HR in Jordanian universities was randomly selected.

The study used a questionnaire as a tool to collect data and to measure study sample individuals attitudes toward the impact of recruitment process on Jordanian universities effectiveness.

The findings of the study indicates that there is an impact of individuals attitudes toward HR recruitment process on Jordanian universities effectiveness in the following order, HR recruitment strategy, HR recruitment resources, HR recruitment strategy obstacles, HR recruitment ethics and HR recruitment sources evaluation.

The findings also, indicate that there is a positive correlation with statistical significant at significant level ( 0.05≥α ) among study sample individuals attitudes toward all dimensions of independent variable and dependent variable.

Although the findings indicate that there is impact of every independent variable dimension on dependent variable.

The study recommended that Jordanian universities have to pay more attention to HR recruitment ethics and diversify their external HR recruitment resources in order to reach justice and equality for the applicants and to increase effectiveness through recruitment of qualified applicants.


Keywords: Effectiveness Internal & External Sources, Ethics, Evaluation, HR Recruitment, Obstacles, Strategy