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The Effect of Internal Audit Characteristics on the Effectiveness of Internal Auditors (Published)

The purpose of this research is to investigate the effects of internal audit independence and objectivity on internal audit effectiveness in the Malaysian context. A quantitative method was applied based on a questionnaire which has been distributed to the internal auditors who are members of the Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia (IIAM). A valid 119 responses have been collected. A Structural Equation Modeling technique (SEM) was employed using SmartPLS 3 to analyze and interpret the data. The findings revealed that internal audit independence was positively affecting internal audit effectiveness. However, the effect of internal audit objectivity does not appear in the relationship with internal audit effectiveness. This study provides useful information to both academics and practitioners of internal auditing in highlighting the importance and the effect of internal audit characteristics in improving the effectiveness of internal auditors.

Keywords: Independence, Internal Audit Effectiveness, Internal Auditing, Objectivity