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Growth Performance and Nutrient Utilization of Clarias Gariepinus Fed Graded Levels of Melon Shell as Replacement for Maize (Published)

This study to evaluate effect of replacing maize with graded levels of melon shell on growth of Clarias gariepinus fingerling was conducted for 16 weeks in the teaching and research farm of department of Fisheries, faculty of Agriculture Delta state university.  Pearson square formula was used to formulate five different Diet with crude protein value of 40%. The Diets had 0%, 25%, 50%75% and 100% melon shell inclusion respectively. Four hundred and fifty fingerlings were randomly distributed into fifteen tanks (1mx1mx1m) and grouped in threes to form five treatments (D1a-c – D5a-c). Fishes in each tank was fed 3% body weight of diet corresponding to tank number twice daily. Weight of fish were taken fortnightly. Data collected were analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and means were separated using Duncan’s Multiple Range Test. Result obtained showed significant difference (P<0.05) in Mean Weight Gain (MWG), Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). However there was no significant different (P>0.05) in Specific Growth Rate (SGR). Fish fed diet two with 25% melon shell inclusion had the best FCR and highest Mean weight gain among treatments.

Keywords: Clarias Gariepinus Fed Graded Levels, Growth Performance, Maize, Melon Shell, Nutrient Utilization