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Evaluation of Service Infrastructure Information Pasteur Toll Gate (Published)

The long queue that took place at the Pasteur toll gate caused inconvenience for users of the Pasteur toll gate. The length of the queue is one of the impact of the imbalance between service time and the number of vehicles. To overcome the queue length problem at Pasteur toll gate, it is necessary to evaluate the capacity and service time. In the evaluation process used queue simulation to obtain the optimum number of toll booth and the length of the queue space needed as a solution of the problems that occur. Solutions obtained from the results of further analysis laid the foundation in the geometric design of the Pasteur toll gate. the result is that the need of toll booth at Pasteur toll gate is 10 toll booth both for toll gate entrance and exit gate. For the projection result until 2027, it takes a substation of 14 toll booth on each gate.

Keywords: Number of Toll Booth, Simulation Queue, Toll Gate Geometry