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Effect Of Different Sugar Concentration On The Yield Of Cowpea (Vigna Unguculate ) In Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro (Published)

This project was carried out in school of agriculture teaching/research farm, in Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta state in Nigeria. Beans required some amount of sugar for proper development. The need to evaluate the best sugar concentration for cultivation of beans necessitated this study. Bean seeds bought from the local market were planted into Complete Randomized block design replicated three times. One hundred and sixty seeds were planted, at seedling emergence forty seedling were dressed with 10ml, another sixty were dressed were dressed with with 20ml, another sixty were 30ml while the remaining sixty seedling served as control The growth parameter that were measured were numbered of leaves, plant height  and number of pods at harvest.. The result in table (1) shows that beans dressed with 10ml had more number of leaves of 12.5, 23.5 and 22.67 as against 12.2, 22.3, 19.83 and 11.8, 20.5 and 19.0 for 20ml and 30ml respectively while control had 12.1, 20.7 and 21.65. Table (2) shows that beans dressed with 10ml had better plant height of 83.85, 425.18 and 213.8 as against 63.73, 183.52, 208.62 and 51.57, 160.58 and 116.88 for 20ml and 30ml respectively. For the control it had 57.18, 165.28 and 208.5. Table (3) shows that beans dressed with 10ml sugar concentration had better number of pod at harvest of 5.11 and 8.17 as against 4.17 and 7.5 and 3.0 and 6.0 for 20ml and 30ml respectively. The control had 4.07 and 6.33. in conclusion, although beans required sugar, beans dressed with 10ml performed better in terms of number of leaves, plant height and number of pods at harvest. However there was significant difference among the treatment at (p>0.05). It is therefore recommended that beans should be dressed with 10ml sugar concentration for better growth and yield.

Keywords: Concentration, Number of Leaves, Plant Height and Pods at Harvest., Sugar