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A Linguistic Revitalization of the Nubian Language: A Call for Action (Published)

This study aims at revitalization of the Nubian language which is at the risk of morbidity. The Nubian language is spoken in the Northern Sudan and Sothern Egypt. The Nubian who live in the area speak two dialects of the language: Matoki (Andandi) and Fadicca. The researchers collected the date by using two tools; semi-structured interviews and focus group. The participants are members of social groups, Facebook and WhatsApp. The findings of the study reveal that the Nubian language, despite being in danger of extinction, is still being used and the possibility of maintaining and is high= since the Nubians are aware of its importance in constructing their identity and maintain their heritage.  The study is significant as it contributes to the ethnic diversity in the Sudan and the nation solidarity which may help in prevailing peace all around the vast country of multilingual and multicultural groups. It also adds to the academia in field of sociolinguistics. 

Citation: Osman Hassan Osman and Mahmoud Abuoaf (2022) A Linguistic Revitalization of the Nubian Language: A Call for Action, British Journal of English Linguistics, Vol. 10, Issue 4, pp.25-39

Keywords: Heritage, Language policy, Nubian Identity, Nubian language, language revitalization