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The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Families as Presented in Hard Times (Published)

This paper investigates the Industrial Revolution’s impact on families as presented in Hard Times novel. The researcher will discuss the main components and features of the families in Britain at that time, in which Charles Dickens represented them in different types as Gradgrind’s family, Bounderby’s family, Stephan’s family, and Cecelia’s family. These families represent the typical sort of family at that time with its features and their problems they face such as getting a divorce, getting drunk, and family disintegration in general. In addition to the reoccurrence of money motif being a capitalist at the expense of the family bonding as represented between Mr. Gradgrind and his daughter Louisa.

Keywords: Charles Dickens, Literature, hard times novel, industrial revolution, novel

The Study of Semiotics in Cinta Di Dalam Gelas Novel by Andrea Hirata as Literature Reading Material in Senior High Schools (Published)

This study aims to know the study of semiotics contained in the novel Cinta di Dalam Gelas by Andrea Hirata and their usefulness as literature reading material in high school. The approach used was the study of text. The research method used was a qualitative descriptive method. The data of this research was Cinta di Dalam Gelas novel by Andrea Hirata. Data collection technique used was library techniques by describing literary studies based on semiotics developed by philosopher Charles Sanders Pierce. The study included icons, indices, and symbols contained in the novel. Based on the results of research that has been done, there was a study of semiotics with details of 22 icons, 21 indices, and 7 symbols contained in Cinta di Dalam Gelas by Andrea Hirata. The icons contained in the novel included religious icons, cultural icons, 2 traditional transportation icons, 2 lifestyle icons, social game icons, distinctive drink icons, social worker icons, residential icons as social markers, infrastructure icons, educational icons, communication icons, traditional market icons, detective icons, and 7 metaphoric icons. Based on the results of interviews with two teachers, it was concluded that the teacher appreciated the presence of reading materials as literature reading material in high school as a companion to the student handbook. The results of the questionnaire on students concluded that 82% of students responded positively to the category of strongly agree and agree with the existence of literary books as a companion to their handbook. So, it can be said that the study of semiotics of the novel Cinta di Dalam Gelas by Andrea Hirata is very useful as a literature reading material in high school.

Keywords: Semiotics, Usefulness, novel

An Analysis Of Character Education Values In Non-Fiction Novel “Habibie Dan Ainun” Created By Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie And Its Advantages As Literature Reading For Senior High School In Medan, Indonesia (Published)

This study aims to determine the character education values in the novel Habibie dan Ainun by Bacharudin Jusuf Habibie and its advantages as a literature reading material in senior high school. Based on the research results that were conducted, there are 18 values of character education based on the National Education System. The character education values include: character values relating to God, character values relating to self is honest, disciplined, independent, creative, curiosity, love reading, responsible, and hard working. Character values relating to others, character values relating to environment includes: tolerance, and love of the homeland.

Keywords: Education, Literature, character values, novel

Iranian Lifestyle Reflection in Six adolescent’s Novels (Published)

In most novels for teens in Iran, one or more major or minor characters of the story are adolescents who each have their own speech and behavior. It seems that the authors pay attention to Iranian life style in the novels primarily to draw attention of adolescents to the text and secondary to reflect Iranian life style in their text. In this paper, lifestyle of teenage characters in the text of teenage novels during 2010– 2012 based on the pattern of Iranian lifestyles is analyzed with regard to the four indexes (traditional, leisure, cultural and managerial-care). The findings of the content analysis show that all indexes of Iranian life style are noted in young adult novels, and the most attraction was directed to the traditional index. In addition, the use of indices between girls and boys is different in the novels.


Keywords: Adolescent, Gender, Iran, Lifestyle, children’s literature, novel