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An Analysis of Home Burial (1914) By Frost in Psychoanalytic Perspective (Published)

The main purpose of this research paper is to analyze the main cause of mental disorder of Amy in Frost’s poem “Home Burial”. Amy lost her conscious level on the death of his child and this cause of his mental disorder also becomes the cause of death of his marriage. Frost had experienced to lose his three children and he writes this poem into the reaction of loss of his children’s. This study means to investigate the role and contribution of patriarchy and patriarchal values towards the misery, suffering, loneliness and unhappiness of women or other psychological, social and economic problems experienced by them. This research refers to the unconscious level of mind of women Amy and founds the bleak outlook of women’s life in Frost’s poem “The Home Burial”.

Keywords: Frost, Home Burial, Mental disorder, Nora, Psychoanalysis, Unconscious.