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The Effect of the Types of Supports in the Distribution of Loads Between the Girders of the Bridge (Published)

The paper includes three-dimensional nonlinear analysis for reinforced concrete bridge deck consisting of three main girders. The finite brick element is used to predict the response of the bridge under monotonically increasing static loads up to failure.The primary interest is given to the effects of boundary conditions at the supports, and their effects on the behavior of the bridge. Three types of supports were considered, these are simple support, elastomeric pads, and a simple springs. The study also includes the effect of boundary conditions on the failure load, the load distribution amongst the main girders, and variation of bearing reactions in both pre and post-cracking phases. The study presented that the method of representing the supports significantly affects the distribution of the loads among the main girders of the bridge.

Keywords: Bearings, Bridge, Finite Element, Load Distribution, Nonlinear Analysis, Reinforced Concrete.