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Does Gender Makes Any Difference In Livelihoods Diversification? Evidence from Northern Ghana (Published)

The fact that rural livelihood portfolios is expanding and diversifying beyond agriculture is not contested. However, very little is known on gender dimension of rural livelihoods diversification and whether gender makes any difference in rural dwellers construction of livelihood portfolios. This paper therefore presents findings of analysis of data obtained from USAID sponsored Feed The Future population baseline survey conducted in 2012 in their Northern Ghana Zone of Influence, with the view of examining gender dimension of livelihoods diversification among the 13,580 respondents who were 15 years or older. Results of the analysis revealed significant gender differentiation in number of livelihood activities engaged in by men and women. The results established that livelihoods diversification is common across gender in Northern Ghana, but men are more likely to engage in more livelihood activities than women. Significantly more men than women were found to have been engaged in paid wage labour within the last 12 months, with women dominating the non-farm self-employed livelihood enterprises. This paper therefore recommends that, measures aim at women economic empowerment, should target providing training and financial support to enable women improve their non-farm livelihood enterprises

Keywords: Diversification, Gender, Livelihoods, Non-farm, on-farm