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Knowledge Sharing and Utilisation as Means of Service Delivery among Library Personnel in Selected Universities in Southwest, Nigeria (Published)

This study examines knowledge sharing and utilization as means of service delivery among Library personnel in selected universities in Southwest, Nigeria. The population of the study was made up of Academic Librarians, Library Officers and Library Assistants. The study covered 12Nigerian University Libraries. Questionnaire was used for data collection. The instruments were grouped into four sections. Findings of the study revealed that both the tacit and explicit knowledge were being shared among the library personnel in which tacit knowledge was the most shared knowledge, library personnel shared knowledge with their colleagues most in the same department, seminars, workshops, mobile phones, conferences and staff meeting were the major modes of knowledge sharing and finally, the study revealed that acquisition, cataloguing and classification, selective dissemination of information and inter library loan were the major types of services rendered among library personnel in the selected universities in Southwest, Nigeria. Some of the recommendations were that Library management should encourage and promote knowledge sharing and knowledge utilization among library personnel and Library management should clearly state knowledge management strategy and create knowledge sharing initiatives in the library’s goals.

Keywords: Knowledge Sharing, Libraries, Nigerian university, Service delivery, Utilisation.