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The Role of Adult Education in Poverty Alleviation among Nigerian Rural Women: A Panacea for the Achievement of Goal One of the Sustainable Development Goals. (Published)

Poverty has been identified as a major challenge to the growth and development of African countries. It is also recognized that women and girls who reside in the rural areas constitute the largest percentage of the poor in Nigeria. Various poverty alleviation programmes have been adopted by successive governments to address poverty issue in Nigeria but the fact is that the condition of the poor has not improved. This paper examines the importance of adult education in alleviation of poverty among rural women in order to achieve “Goal one” of the Sustainable development goals. The paper posited that adult education for women is a powerful tool which will break the endemic cycle of poverty in rural communities. The writer concluded that low level of education among rural women and their non-participation in poverty alleviation programmes compound their poverty problems. Thus, the paper recommended among others that government should step up investment in adult education programmes and involve rural women in poverty alleviation programmes.

Keywords: Adult Education, Nigerian rural women, Poverty Alleviation, Sustainable Development Goals