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In recent years, although the national Non-Government Organizations (NGO) have become vital items on the development agenda of the Bangladeshi government, however, there is still no single uniform law and authority for regulating and monitoring this sector. The current laws fail to regulate the operation of the sector and that is a big threat to the healthy growth of the organizations to serve the society. This paper will select, analyze and compare the existing statutory laws regarding the regulation of NGOs in Bangladesh. In addition, this paper will critically examine the inadequacies of the existing legal structure to specifically highlight the need to devise a legal framework that both facilitates the operational activities of an NGO and regulates its governance. Finally, the paper will recommend the framing of a modern uniform NGO law in Bangladesh that can commensurately serve the public. Qualitative and quantitative analytical research methods have been applied primarily; besides, a non-doctrinal method has also been applied in this paper

Keywords: Bangladesh, NGO, Non-Government, Organization, Regulation