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Inventing New Magnetic Compasses with Readings and Indications Farther from The North and South: New Indications for the Establishment of a Completely New Science (Published)

This research looks for the great capabilities of the compass, if the necessary engineering modifications are made and some of them are invented. It can provide many scientific indications and readings that are beyond limitation, and sets some conditions for the success of creating the new magnetic compasses, in terms of the axis of the magnetic needles, it is best to manufacture them with laser precision to match in size, weight and all characteristics The axis of the suspension of the free-moving circle, the axis of the upper surface of the free-moving circle, which must have a large diameter because the magnetic poles will be attached to it, and a fixed circle must be placed around the moving circle for comparison and monitoring of changes in movement. of between it ; Independent compass to indicate independent free magnetic north, independent free magnetic south compass, east end north pole compass, west end north pole compass, east end south pole compass, west end south pole compass, and then north declination compass with an angle of inclination of the south magnetic needle 90 Degree (east and west), a compass of multiple magnetic poles with 3 different poles, and another with 4 magnetic poles, then 5 independent magnetic poles, and so on up to 12 magnetic poles of different distribution on the compass circle, then the research reviews the features of the new innovative magnetic compasses. . . (It is divided into: – specific characteristics – some of which are under test – and others are out of concept so far), most notably: – its ability to provide scientific readings that are more accurate than all previous magnetic compasses, the discovery of a “magnetic fingerprint for every geographical point on the surface of the planet”, compared to “the fingerprint” “Magnetism” for the same place due to the shifting of the north and south magnetic poles to discover natural resources that have a great relationship with magnetism, including iron, nickel and chromium, inferring the distortions of the magnetic poles (especially when used around them), discovering, identifying and tracing the multiple magnetic poles (in other planets), then subtracting Conclusion A new conception that makes the total number of compasses capable of reaching hundreds, and even thousands of them with their many complex branches, and even those that have not been proven to be important in monitoring a new geometric reading; It is possible to increase its usefulness in scientific applications in the outer space of the planet Earth, and in other planets.

Citation:  Nabil W. (2022) Inventing New Magnetic Compasses with Readings and Indications Farther from The North and South:New Indications for the Establishment of a Completely New Science, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology Studies, 10 (3) 11-47

Keywords: magnetic compasses, new indications, new science, north, south